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WebSurgery- Web Security Testing Tool

WebSurgery is another suite of tools for security testing of web applications. It was designed for security auditors to help them with the web application planning and exploitation. Currently, it uses an efficient, fast and stable Web Crawler, File/Dir Bruteforcer

How can internet access control help your organization?

Access to the internet has become essential for almost every business. Sometimes there is the urge to prevent employees from using the internet to stem productivity losses or out of fear that something bad will happen if everyone in the

Wanted: Rustock Botnet Operators

Microsoft announced to offer 250 000$ reward for any information that helps to arrest cybercriminals behind Rustock the biggest spamming botnet. Previously in June Microsoft published two notices in Russian newspapers to notify the Rustock operators of the civil lawsuit. Now,

60% of Adobe Reader users are Vulnerable

According to Avast Security Company 6 out of 10 Adobe reader users are having a vulnerable version. This because many people think that by enabling automated update on the operating system they are secures. Adobe application is one of the

Evading Disk Investigation and Forensics

Encrypting files and data is a good way to assure their confidentiality, but this will not prevent a third party person from detecting the encrypted storage.  Researcher at University of Southern California and Computer Sciences from NUST in Pakistan discovered

Military Meltdown Monday: One more Hit by Anonymous

Anonymous published data obtained from a series of hacker attacks on military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH), including 90 000 email accounts of the military. The attack is called Military Meltdown Monday. File size published is about 130 MB and