Monthly Archives: April 2011

Hacker Used SQL-injection to Get 675K Credit Card

A computer hacker from Georgia has pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft after authorities found him with more than 675,000 stolen credit card accounts on his home computers, Credit card companies have traced more than $36 million in fraudulent

New Update: The Social-Engineer Toolkit v1.3.5

Social engineering has enjoying an increasingly effective and prominent role in effective online attacks. The term itself is a big one, encompassing targeted surveillance and information-gathering techniques that early hacking stars such as Kevin Mitnick mastered (and went on to

Dust off your Dinosaur Computer

Today all operating systems require a special new hardware that may eliminate your old computer from being used.  I don’t like the idea to ignore a computer that lived for more than 5 years because new operating system and application

IDA Pro 6.1 Disassemble Android Bytecode

Security vulnerabilities in software’s and protocols, sensitive information that are stored in any environment, complexity of the Internet makes cybercriminal uses advanced polymorphic software to escape from classical security measures such as Intrusion detection system, Antiviruses and firewalls to provide

Giant Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Next week Microsoft is planning a new Massive Patch Tuesday with about 17 bulletins covers 64 vulnerabilities in Windows Operating System and Components , Microsoft office , Internet Explorer, Visual Studio, .NET Framework and GDI+. 9 of the 17 bulletins

Widely used DHCP Systems Vulnerable

New vulnerability has been discovered in the open source Internet Systems Consortium DHCP server. This vulnerability allows a remote attacker to execute a malicious code on victim’s computer. All versions prior to 3.1-ESV-R1, 4.1-ESV-R2 and 4.2.1-P1 are affected by this