Monthly Archives: February 2011

Rustock is the Biggest Spammer

Rustock is today the largest and most productive spam botnet in the world this has been found at the RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco. The Rustock botnet (founded around 2006) consists of an estimated 250,000 computers the size of

AppShield adds Proactive Security on your computer

GlobalSCAPE announced a new security application called appShield, a product for securing home users and SMB’s. AppShield is based on proven technology from CoreTrace Corporation, which creates a whitelist. That’s mean not as other security applications that use the blackist

Online Malware Sandboxes

Online sandboxes are very useful services that any person should consider from time to time to have an idea about any unknown file or website. Now it is possible without installing any system to check what this file do on

McAfee Q4 Threat Report: Spam in a “Transition Period”

McAfee Security Report for the last quarter of 2010 showed that spam levels reached lowest point since 2006. Compared with the beginning of the year Spams decreased by 62 percent this good result due to stopping Internet service providers that