2011 Top 10 Wine Posts

As we are getting to the end of the year, here you can find the top 10 most attractive articles posted on SecTechno, this come in term of readership, information and adding value to the infosec community:

1- Hacking Exposed VoIP/SIP

The first article is about VoIP hacking, many of us are using VoIP systems as a way for communication without recognizing the risk of using this system, here you can find the way and tools for penetesting or hacking VoIP system.


2-Preventing Layer 7 DDoS Attack

During the beginning of 2011 DDoS attack have been one of the hottest topic and with all classical security measures such as firewalls and high availability devices attacker may launch a successful DDoS attack to take down any website from a single host, Loic is the name of this tool and have been widely used by hack activism group such as Anonymous.  Here I have introduced the way to stop the attack using iptables or an Apache module.


3- Is Your Organization The Next Targeted Attack?

Many organizations these days think that they are safe as they have limited resources and less exposure, on this post Rick Lawhorn list hacking groups and explain how all business can be the next target:

“Each business possesses one of these three core models deep within their structure/culture.  In certain situations and industries, businesses and governments can use a mixture of the models, which can result in internal conflicts and friction points.” 


4- UK Household Botnet Infestation

Tero Pollanen; an online security and fraud prevention specialist provides essential tips to protect your system with information about international cybercrime activity:

“More worrying still is the prospect that the cybercriminals could branch out in the future. According to security experts, some botnet networks are starting to subvert mobile phones to aid their criminal actions. As phones are always on and connected, they offer potentially higher risk.”


5- Dust off your Dinosaur Computer

This article comes to solve problem of upgrade with old computers , I have listed some Linux operating systems that do not require big memory and allow you to run your favorite applications or games.


6- CSRF Exploit for Joomla 1.6.3 or Lower

Joomla is one of the popular CMS that have been vulnerable for several times this year. Attacker here can use an XSS vulnerability to receive user’s cookies and login credentials,  the solution for this vulnerability is updating the CMS version.


7- OSForensics – Digital investigations faster

I have used this tool on windows based operating system and it provided a very useful details as it made my computer naked,  actually this have remind me why we insist that physical security is the king. I highly recommend this tool to investigate any computer and provide all information in a very organized manner.


8- Pirated Copies of Windows XP Top Rootkit Target

According to a study conducted by avast cracked windows XP operating system is the preferred platform for running rootkit, this is clear as if we do not update our operating system we will be vulnerable for any malware.


9- The #OpNewblood Super Secret Security Handbook By Anonymous

Anonymous issued a pdf guide that can be used by any member to learn about latest and most advanced anonymization techniques, the document focus on ways to delete evidence/tracks when conducting an attack on any online resources.


10- New Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

TheHackerNews will have a special edition for the new year this is going to include several contributions from information security blogs, I will be posting the link as it will be online.


I hope that you enjoyed all articles posted on this year and want to thank all readers, followers, contributors and subscribers in the information security community and Wish you all a safe and Happy New Year.

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