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2010 Top 5 Most Dangerous Malwares

1- STUXNET STUXNET has been the hottest topic for this year because it’s an unusual Worm it is for the first time in the history that a malware bypass the cyberspace to get directly to the physical environment, the virus

Microsoft Confirms Internet Explorer Zero-day

Microsoft started to develop a new patch for a 0-day in all supported versions of Internet Explorer. The main impact of the vulnerability is remote code execution. The new Microsoft security advisory 2488013 alert users that the vulnerability exists due

New Release: The Social Engineering Toolkit v1.1

Social engineering has enjoying an increasingly effective and prominent role in effective online attacks. The term itself is a big one, encompassing targeted surveillance and information-gathering techniques that early hacking stars such as Kevin Mitnick mastered (and went on to

Detecting Google hacking against your Website

Google or other search engines have been used for many purposes such as finding useful information, important websites and latest news on different topics, Google index a huge number of web pages that are growing daily. From the security prospective

Attacking Windows Operating System over PowerShell

We already shared the PowerShell security policies and protection measures that are used by Microsoft, as a reminder there are 4 levels of execution policies that can help in securing different script execution. Now that post has been mostly focused

WikiLeaks: An experiment in failures?

By Rick Lawhorn CISSP, CISA, CHP, CHSS After the recent announcements concerning WikiLeaks, I began to question the whistleblower website on its motives and the perceived value of disclosure. In fits of brief clarity I find myself, like many others,