Monthly Archives: September 2010

Zeus banking Trojan targets mobile phones too

The Zeus banking Trojan, which targets Windows-based computers, is now being used to target victims’ mobile phones too, according to several researchers. Fortinet said today that it had uncovered new mobile malware dubbed SymbOS/Zitmo, which stands for Zeus in the

Apple iPhone Security Gaps

We found different mobile devices available in the market Today iPhones are mainly used by nice ladies as it has a female style, not like BlackBerry or Android we feel that girls are more attracted by iPhones but from the

Today’s Risky Internet

In recent years malicious website threats are increasing dramatically, this is due to the increasing number of online active users and web resources. Web-based attacks are growing, most Malware like TDSS, Zeus are spreading over the Internet. This is only

CAINE 2.0 – NewLight is out!

CAINE (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) is an Italian GNU/Linux live distribution created as a project of Digital Forensics. CAINE is a Ubuntu based computer forensics live CD, mainly used to acquire data of a suspected criminal computer but also useful

Tarantino-style Secure Cloud Computing

Chemtrails, Vegas, Roulette and the IRS By Rick Lawhorn CISSP, CISA, CHP, CHSS No matter if you believe in conspiratorial chemtrails or scientifically sound contrails, the ability to see where you have been and guess which direction you are potentially

Linux Kernel Root Access Vulnerability Again

On 2007 vulnerability has been discovered in 64-bit Linux kernel system that allowed a local user to gain root privileges using unsafe broadcast 32-bit calls on all Linux kernel. This bug was fixed after a while. Ben Hawkes is the

Microsoft Fixes Stuxnet Rootkit Vulnerability

Today Microsoft released new patches for different windows operating system among the vulnerabilities fixed one that may be exploited by Stuxnet. Stuxnet is a combination of rootkit, worm and Trojan that is spreading through removable drives using the Microsoft Windows