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Wardriving These Days (Part 2)

Tools for the first part may not be completed without SpoonWEP/SpoonWPA which firstly introduced in BackTrack3, this is also a part of aircrack-ng with a graphical interface allows pentester to take the same channel of the Access point and crack

Symantec: Tapsnake Game Tracks Your Location

Symantec researchers reported a new malicious application in the virtual store Android Market, this application can determine users location in real time on AndroidOS. Tapsnake is the name of the game which is a version of the popular game “Snake”.

Vulnerability Makes All Facebook Accounts Exposed

New Vulnerability has been discovered in facebook that allows an attacker to obtain all users credential on the social network website. By having the email address an attacker can get the name and pictures of victims. The vulnerability can works

DDoS Attack Target DNS Made Easy

DNS Made Easy have restored there online services after a distributed denial of service attacks on last Saturday. The reported size of DDoS is about 50 Gb/sec. Identity and attackers motives have not been clarified yet but specialists assume that

Microsoft to Fix 34 Vulnerabilities on Next Tuesday

Microsoft Security Response Center released an advance notification regarding new patches that are intended to fix 34 vulnerabilities, there will be about 14 security bulletins the severity rating for eight of them are critical and the other six are important

Zeus Grabbing Kaspersky’s Digital Signatures

Trend Micro threat researchers has reported detecting several malicious web files that are using a strange digital signature which looks like be signed by antivirus company Kaspersky. After analyzing the files and there signatures there has been a clear difference

Wardriving These Days (part 1)

In the past it has been very difficult to crack wireless network we should search for the right software under Linux distribution checking the necessary driver compatibility to inject the packet on the network and finally you get access to