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Security Acts Magazine No.4

My Friends I want to share with you this new release of security acts, the Magazine contains a very interesting articles on Information security. Thanks for your follow and continues support. Wish you a happy reading! http://www.secu...

WPA2 Might Be Spoofed!

WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access ver. 2.0) – is the second version of a set of algorithms and protocols that protect data in wireless networks. As expected, WPA2 should significantly increase the security of wireless networks Wi-Fi compared with previous technologies.

Hell Pizza’s Customer Database Hacked

An online database for a Pizza store chain has been compromised this is According, there is no credit card numbers but it contains about 400MB of customer’s information. Currently Pizza stores are located in New Zealand, England, Australia and

Spreading Ghosts Attacks

Leonardo Da vinci is widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time, and perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived. Leonardo said that there are three types of people that one may encounter:

TrueCrypt 7.0 New Release

TrueCrypt one of the popular tools for encrypting and hiding partition under Linux, MacOS and Windows system has released a new version. The new features at this release include: * AES Hardware-accelerated encryption this function is supported by some processors

TRANCHULAS Ethical-Hacking Online Training

Tranchulas is an international consulting firm that started a new e-learning services launched from Pakistan. Training includes different IT Security topics from: 1- Web Application Security Workshop 2- PCI-Data Security Standard Training 3- Hands-On Ethical Hacking 4-ISO/IEC 27001 – ISMS

Mozilla Sniffer Add-on Blocklisted for Security Purposes

Mozilla has blocklisted a malicious plugin that has been submitted on their official website as an add-on since 6th of June, the add-on named Mozilla Sniffer and contains a serious security vulnerability. According to a blog post the plugin includes