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Detecting & Bypassing Web Application Firewalls (part 2)

There is no single ideal system in the world, and this applies to Web application firewalls too (WAF’s). While the advantages and positive features far outweigh the negative in WAF’s, one major problem is there are only a few action

Detecting & Bypassing Web Application Firewalls (part 1)

When we hear the term firewall, most people think of the network filtering solution. But have you heard about the web application firewall (WAF)? Web applications have some serious vulnerabilities, and WAF provides a very important extra protection layer to

McAfee 2010 First Quarter Threat Report

McAfee has issued the regular quarterly Threat report, which pointed to major network threats in the first quarter of this year, during this period the biggest threat to computers was USB malicious software. Attackers continue to enjoy the ability to

Symantec Detects WoW Game as a Malware

A New update for Symantec Antivirus released by this weekend detects the popular game World of Warcraft as a malicious application. Instead of playing users were forced to post their issue on the game forum with a description that Symantec

Google to Encrypt Search Engine to protect Wi-Fi users

Google intends to offer this week encryption to their search engine services; this is according to a new blog post. “Earlier this year, we encrypted Gmail for all our users, and next week we will start offering an encrypted version

Recover Email Client lost passwords

There are several method for recovering email password locally, you can search the configuration file manually or using different applications but in most cases the password is encrypted which can make it hard to decrypt. Some password recovery applications do