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Open-Source Risk Monitoring Platform

Ensuring security in modern computer networks with a large number of hosts and devices requires a great effort, and keeping track of all events and logs becoming more and more difficult. It is important to have a vulnerability management system

New Method for Hacking Mobile Networks can Expose Users Sensitive Info

At Source Conference in Boston new vulnerabilities on GSM mobile network has been demonstrated by Carmen San Diego, Don Bailey, iSec Partners & Nick DePetrillo that allow a person to track any mobile phone across the world. The demo has

Symantec: 100% Increase in New Malicious Software

According to the latest Internet Security Threat Report which has been issued by Symantec, more than 240 million new malicious programs have been observed last year. The study illustrates clearly that cyber criminals increasingly focusing to get help of the

Blackhat Europe: Fireshark – A Tool To Link the Malicious Web

Stephan Chenette has introduced at BlakHat Europe conference in Barcelona a new utility for Firefox, this plugin called Fireshark. Fireshark is a tool, made up of a Firefox plugin and a set of postprocessing scripts that allows you to capture

Windows7 New Utility for Meeting Security Compliance

A new tool has been introduced by Microsoft for analyzing Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 security level. Security Compliance Manager is the name of this tool which is designed to simplify protection standard usage and security requirement at the

Open-source All in one Security Solutions (Part 2)

These days there are a great variety of security software designed to organize and manage global networks. Protecting internal resources from external threats, monitoring the network and blocking certain suspicious services is as a priority for any IT security professional.

Open-source All in one Security Solutions (Part 1)

Today we can find a different Linux distribution for protecting the network infrastructure. Most of them are based on the opensource software and provide a solid protection against viruses, network attacks and even spam filtering. But selecting perfect solution can