Monthly Archives: March 2010

Network Device Vulnerability Allows a Remote Access

At the annual international conference CanSecWest in Vancouver, ANSSI The French Network and Information Security Agency members demonstrated how an intruder can gain a complete control over a system remotely. Speakers explained how an attacker may use certain vulnerability in

Fake Software Updates Infecting Computers

New malware has been observed by Vietnamese computer security company Bach Khoa, The Malicious software overwrites programs update to bypass antivirus software. W32.Fakeupver.trojan is the name of this new Trojan, first what the malware do is replacing automatic update system

It’s Time to fix your Agenda: 2010 Hacking parties

2010 will be remarkable year with many Interesting events, conferences and Underground Security meetings. I tried to list some of the well known security meeting, if you are looking not to miss these events it’s time to start making your

Secunia Releases Patch Management Utility

Secunia Danish computer security service provider announced the final version of the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector 4.0 (CSI 4.0). This tool may identify vulnerabilities for about 13 000 applications from 2300 developers. CSI 4.0 has a free trial version which

7 Month Vulnerability in Windows Virtual PC

Core Security Technologies (CST) has discovered a critical vulnerability in windows virtual PC allows an attacker to bypass security measures and run a malicious code on the guest machine. the concerned platform for this vulnerability is Virtual PC 2007, Virtual

Building your OWN Malware Lab (Part 2)

Today’s Malware Strategy and Tactics are advanced and sophisticated. The main purpose for that is to trick antiviruses. Some are using encryption to make the detection difficult for any security software product, other add an AutoRuns to the registry entries