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Building your OWN Malware Lab (Part 1)

Malicious software pieces like viruses, worms and bots are currently one of the largest threats to the security of the Internet. Antivirus Labs have invested great Money for analyzing and reversing viruses, but for our case we can perform the

Block New & Emerging Threats with SECURITY DATABASE

Ensuring security of the modern computer network with a large number of system and devices consumes a big effort. Keeping track all new gaps becomes more and more difficult.Here I wanted to present a very good Infosec source. is

Zeus Trojan infected 2.5 thousands Corperate machine around the Globe

Over the past 1,5 year more than 75 thousands machine worldwide have been infected by Zeus Trojan this is according to NetWitnes Company, all these infected computers were used to thief Banking account, Social Networking and email passwords. Among the

Fake Antivirus with a Live Technical Support

A New case has been observed by Symantec about sailing a fake antivirus product with real time technical support to victims. After installing the fake antivirus software popup windows open to alert victims about detecting malware with an unusual yellow

Adobe Apologized for a 16 month-old-Bug

Adobe Company has officially apologized for the flash player 16 month old vulnerability that is still not fixed. According to Adobe the bug has been eliminated in the beta flash player 10.1, but there still not yet a stable version

Cybercriminals had a phishing Attack on .gov and .mil

Criminals are conducting spam attacks on email addresses related to .gov and .mil domain name. According to Brian Krebs Blog post the fake messages includes a link leads to a Trojan Zeus which helps to steal Banking system passwords. The

Microsoft prepares 13 patches for Next Tuesday

Microsoft announce that they are about to release a 13 security updates on next Tuesday, these new security patches are issued to fix 26 security vulnerabilities in windows operating system and Microsoft office suite. According to the Advanced Notification five