Monthly Archives: January 2010

Apache SpamAssassin New Release

New version of the anti-spam filter SpamAssassin Today has been released, the free anti spam solution is widely used by hundreds of thousands organization around the globe. Apache SpamAssassin 3.3.0 offers a new way of updating rules for spam filtering.

Hackers Target Internet Forum Database

A popular Irish discussion forum, has been today forced to change all users’ passwords this is due to a security breach where hackers compromised a part of users database on the server. Tom Murphy one of the portal founders

Quick Tips on Secure Shell

SSH is a perfect security alternative to Telnet and has been used by system administrators and IT managers to configure and implement servers and network devices, here I wanted to list manual on Secure Shell usage. First let’s start by

Hacker steals 8K customer logins

Hackers managed to steal authentication credentials for more than eight thousand New York based bank customers. The incident happened after by passing Internet security measures for an online banking system server. According to early this week press release, the attack

BackTrack 4 Final Edition

After approximately one year since the first beta version of BackTrack 4 has been released, today the Team has made the BackTrack 4 Final Release available for download. The Beta version was firstly introduced on February 2009 and we already

Secure Live-CD Ubuntu Privacy Remix 9.04r3 is Out!

Ubuntu Privacy Remix (UPR) developers released a new modified version of the Linux Ubuntu operating system and now are available for download online. UPR is a Live CD Destro that aims to provide users with an environment that allows to

Software Failure or 2010 Problem!

The New Year 2010 starts with a no good surprise not only for system administrators but also for many European Banks customers. Many cardholders were not able to use cash machines or make payments via terminals. The problem was caused