Monthly Archives: November 2009

Universal Tips to Avoid DDoS Attack

There are some points that can helps to carefully prepare our systems to avoid Distributed Denial of Service: 1- Prepare a simple and fast way to reboot remotely servers exposed to external network (webservers ,mailservers ,application servers..) this can be

iPhone Next up for Hackers

Botnets is becoming the biggest threat and arrived to all system in the globe even mobile devices, I don’t think that there is a person have not been a victim to Botnet, there is many people thinks that the operator

Closure – New Complete Kit for Web Developer by Google

Google has released a new free open source software package consist of several tools designed for developers. The set of programs called “Closure” and created to accelerate Web applications growth. Tools are used to manage and produce applications using JavaScript.

Adobe Fixes Five Critical Vulnerabilities in Shockwave

New set of patches have been released by Adobe to fix 5 critical vulnerabilities in the Shockwave player. Adobe invites all shockwave users to update immediately there flash players, Four of these five bugs allows an attacker to execute a

Password Cracking Arrives to the Cloud

David Campbell a security consultant made a study regarding password safety. the research has been based on the cost evaluation of cracking password with a paid service by Amazon EC2 web service. The security expert found that for cracking 12

DDoS Attack Target Swedish Police Network

According to thelocal news Swedish police website was subject for a DDoS attack last week. The result of this attack was a complete disrupt of the official website. On the High traffic the server can treat about 800 requests per