Monthly Archives: October 2009

Hacking Cocktail for the Halloween!

Cybercriminals are not leaving any chance or event without trying to gain more illegal incomes or distribute their Malware. Here there are some cases of Internet scam and other mail tricks are detected by viruslist regarding the Halloween. Cheap software:

Cisco Intended to purchase ScanSafe, Leading SaaS Web Security Provider

Cisco is about to purchase ScanSafe a web security company for a 183 million dollars. This step will allow Cisco to increase the competition with other big companies in this industry such as Symantec and McAfee. ScanSafe provides products in

US CERT Warns of PhoneSnoop Attack Against BlackBerry

US-CERT Issued a new warning concerning a free application that allows a hacker to spy on phone conversation, the program should be installed on the victim device and after the installation a hacker will be able to listen to all

DisCryptor Protects Your Privacy

DisCryptor is a complete software for protecting your privacy by providing a free personal product to save sensitive data, send important documents via E-mail and transfer folders on USB memory in an easy and very fast way. After the installation

BrightCloud: Web Filtering URL Database

Every day more and more people begin to store and process Data using Internet services or on servers over the Internet connection, Internet connection is used by all corporate and it is very important to make the usual work checking

TippingPoint and Qualys Together To Mitigate Network Security Risks

TippingPoint and Qualys Network security companies are about to develop and deliver a Network security software, to provide their customers a full package for corporate Network security. Both companies are looking to build a business partnership to enhance their customer

TrueCrypt 6.3 Free Open-Source Disk Encryption Software

TrueCrypt one of the popular tools for encrypting and hiding partition under Linux, MacOS and Windows system has released a new version. The new features at this release include: • Full support for Windows 7. • Full support for Mac