Monthly Archives: September 2009

New Vulnerability in FreeBSD

New security vulnerability have been discovered in FreeBSD, this bug allow a limited right user to gain a complete control over the system (root privileges). This Bug concerns FreeBSD version 6.0 to 6.4 while the last two versions that are

New York Times warns readers of website virus

New York Times one of the largest News paper in the USA has warned readers of its website on Monday about malicious software masquerading as an advertisement. This is after some bloggers reported that when opening the New York Time Owned!

Yesterday it has been reported that was compromised by members of the Anti-sec group. At first many people didn’t believe that the popular file share portal was hacked till that the official sources confirmed the incident. This attack was

Protecting the Cloud with MSK Security Solution

Many people go wrong by relying completely on the data protection provided by default in the database server , like password setting and good DB version, well now a day this is not enough. One of the most important feature

SecurityTubeCon: first online Hacker Conference

SecurityTubeCon is the name of the first online hacker conference, this event will be held on the 6th, 7th and 8th November and aims to provide researchers a way to share and exchange their thoughts online regardless of their physical

Microsoft and Cisco released a fix for the Sockstress TCP DoS

Microsoft and Cisco have released a number of updates designed to protect customers from a new types of attack that do not require a big bandwidth access and can cause a denial-of-service condition on routers and servers. The same bug

Hackers are more Attracted by ATM

Yesterday ENISA the European Network and Information Security Agency have released a report called ATM crime.This report aims to provide an overview of the European situation and ways to avoid ATM crime. According to the report last year there were