Monthly Archives: September 2009

Critical Windows Remote Vulnerability Exploit

A new post has been released yesterday providing a script to exploit a critical vulnerability in windows, the vulnerability has been discovered since the 7th of September. Up to this Monday the vulnerability can lead only to a failure in

Ways for Effective Network Penetration Testing

Any security professional has his own way in conducting a penetration testing mission but the whole plan and method for performing the pentest should be in accordance with the security standards recommendations and regulations. The first thing is to start

Google Plug-in Boost IE speed 10 Times

A New test has been conducted by Computerworld researchers concluded that Chrome Frame plug-in improves JavaScript performance 9.6 times in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). During the test it was used Sunspider Javascript for three times to show the speed improvement

Microsoft AV will be out soon!

Microsoft has released an announcement that the free anti-virus package Security Essentials is now reached the final phase. Microsoft Security Essentials will have the basic requirements for competition among some major security software companies like Symantec and McAfee with a

Computer’s could get owned by a USB device

USB Switchblade is a tool that can help you to be a king on the enemies’ land. Hack5 USB Switchblade is the second name for this tool but this does not change anything. The project consists of several software packages

Microsoft provides a free secure development tools

A New utility has been released by Microsoft designed to enhance the application security. Microsoft Minifuzz is a fuzzing tool that allows users to identify software vulnerability by injecting a random data in the tested application. According to the secure

SANS: Rising numbers of zero-day vulnerabilities

TippingPoint and Qualys two security companies have been involved in a study named “The Top Cyber Security Risks” revealed that more than half of all cyber attacks are targeting applications and websites. This report is based on information collected from