Monthly Archives: August 2009

Hotfixes for ColdFusion and JRun

Adobe system has released updates covering vulnerabilities in two application widely used for web development. Some vulnerability allows an attacker to steal sensitive information or gain a complete control over user’s machines. Seven patches are related to ColdFusion v8.0.1 and

Improve your Data centre performance with Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft has provided developer with a full access to the final version of windows server 2008 R2, which has been released in the end of July this year. Subscribers at the MSDN and TechNet are able to download this release

Password Auditing Tools

VPN (Virtual private network) is often used for securing communication over the public network, many security specialists advice to use it in the public Wi-Fi to encrypt all traffic and make it impossible for outsider to sniff information or to

‘Critical’ Linux kernel bugs discovered

A critical update has been released for the open source operating system Linux. Researchers have discovered a new vulnerability in the kernel that makes all recent versions in the last eight years affected (2.4 and 2.6 kernels). Julien Tinnes writes

Vulnurability makes eBay Developers Program accounts at Risk

eBay security specialists asked developer program members to change their passwords. This is due to a new vulnerability discovered that can allow an attacker to intercept important accounts details. Kumar Kandaswamy eBay Developers program manager has reported on the guidance

AVG prepares an Anti-Virus for Mac OS and iPhone

The day when Apple was secured is gone .The increasing popularity of Apple not only attracts fans but also Hackers.After the recent reports of existing vulnerability in iPhones SMS and the keyboard MAC hacking method many security companies are working

What’s wrong with Twitter?

On the 6th of August Twitter went down for a pretty long period. After a while a brief message was added on the Twitter status says they’re fighting off a DDOS attack right now. Well the most interesting that the