Monthly Archives: July 2009

The end of DNS hacking

The European Internet operators Community announced the launch of OpenDNSSEC project which aims to manage the safety of DNS on internet. Lately there was a big doubt regarding the DNS safety on the net, all community members decided that the

BIND 9 vulnerable to DoS

Internet Systems Consortium and US-CERT warned of a new vulnerability that concerns DNS-server code, Berkeley Internet Name Domain 9 (BIND9), this vulnerability can lead to system failure in the popular DNS BIND9. Richard Hyatt from Bluecat Networks Inc. alerted of

Brute Force & password recovery tools

There are an immense number of tools for Brute force and password recovery that have been created to help security specialist in pentesting and evaluate application and system password level security. Let’s start with Brutus AET2, from 2000 there were

New major updates for Sysinternal

Sysinternal announced some major updates for their tools package. The most interesting in these updates is the end life of Filemon and Regmon and adding a number of enhancements for Procmon, including new by-extension and by-directory views in the File

Quick ways to boost Windows Vista performance

Many people prefer the Linux system than Microsoft due to the operating system performance. Memory is a very important issue for any operating system and controlling the performance of your pc is a must, users always have a big desire

Your Privacy in Danger!

This is a really nice report that sky news have made about the computer repairing shops, well if you are going to fix your computer at a third party shop, take off your hard disk and try as much as

Scapy: Massive hacking tool!

Working with command line interface makes many users feel uncomfortable with this tool but Scapy brings us a benefit of many popular tools like : hping , nmap, arpspoof ,arp-sk ,arping,tcpdump ,tetheral ,p0f and so on.. Scapy works perfectly with