Monthly Archives: May 2009

Google networking error caused outage

Widespread outages involving several Google services–including search, Google Docs, and Gmail–were caused by an upgrade gone awry inside of Google, according to engineers. Dmitri Alperovitch, vice president of threat research for McAfee, said that Google this morning attempted to make

The Cost Of Fixing An Application Vulnerability

The cleanup cost for fixing a bug in a homegrown Web application ranges anywhere from $400 to $4,000 to repair, depending on the vulnerability and the way it’s fixed. Security experts traditionally have been hesitant to calculate the actual cost

Zombies an Increasing Concern

Computer zombies are out to get you. That may sound like a tagline from a bad B movie, but there’s truth behind it. A “zombie” in the computer lexicon is a computer that has been taken over by a piece

Microsoft pushes fake Windows 7 updates

Microsoft is set to test Windows 7’s update mechanism by issuing as many as 10 fake updates for the operating system over the coming week. It will be the second time that Microsoft has released phony updates for Windows 7.

Three new updates in Sysinternal

Sysinternals have announced lately three applications updates on there blog: Autoruns v9.5: This update to Autoruns, a powerful autostart manager, adds display of audio and video codecs, which are gaining popularity as an extension mechanism used by malware to gain

Saudi set to form new unit to fight cybercrime

Saudi Arabia is launching a new crackdown on cybercrimes, including fraud, in the kingdom, it emerged on Sunday. A specialised department to look into online criminal activity will be formed in all the criminal investigation and criminal evidence departments in

Malware attacks 'on the rise'

Cases of malware attacks around the world are continuing to rise, new research has suggested. The study by security firm Fortinet found that certain countries are being targeted, with attacks on China coming in at the top of the list.