Monthly Archives: April 2009

New initiative for open cloud computing management standards

The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) has launched the “Open Cloud Standards Incubator”. The goal of the initiative is to develop specifications that define how companies transfer applications and data between cloud environments – whether the clouds are located at

Panda introduces cloud antivirus

Cloud computing is getting the top concern and achieved a lot of interest in the RSA2009 conference while the biggest issue in cloud is security many security software companies are working these days to adapt there security solutions to the

Identifying the source of corporate threats

The Verizon Business RISK team recently released its “2009 Data Breach Investigations Report,” which gives a fresh look into the question of whether insiders or outsiders are the larger threat group. The report concludes that 74% of breaches result from

Guest blog: Canadian anti-spam laws take an important step forward

The Conservative government in Canada last week introduced the Electronic Commerce Protection Act to help cull sources of spam and other malicious activity from within Canadian borders. Although it was introduced as “the Government of Canada protecting Canadians” those of

Symantec Site Vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting Assaults

According to Nemesis/t3am3lite (name of a website), Symantec’s site too is now open to XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks together with Iframe injections. An XSS attack, according to security experts, launches when a web program collects vicious data from an end-user

Hacked to Pieces

Jolyon Jenkins investigates whether we have lost the war on cybercrime and looks at a new criminal economy which has grown to feed the demand for our most private details. Jolyon finds that the security details of ordinary members of

Sources say Pentagon plans new cyber command

The U.S. military is planning to create a new military command to focus on cyberspace and protect its computer networks from cyber attacks, Pentagon officials said Wednesday. The move comes as the White House prepares to release a broader study