Monthly Archives: February 2009

Sniffing Out Illicit BitTorrent Files

A new tool promises to detect illegal files without slowing network traffic. A new technique has been developed for detecting and tracking illegal content transferred using the BitTorrent file-trading protocol. According to its creators, the approach can monitor networks without

“Tunisie Telecom” doubles ADSL internet speed at no additional cost

In a communiqué released on Saturday, Tunisia’s state owned, largest internet and telephone provider, “Tunisie Telecom” has announced that it is boosting broadband connections, as well as improving the quality of its ADSL connections to enable its new customers to

E-mail Tracking and SPAM Handling

E-mail crime is growing due to the ease at which it may be committed. Offenses committed using e-mail may be classified into crimes directly related to the sending of an e-mail (including phishing, spam, and mail bombs) and those that

Hackers attack antivirus firm's tech-support site

A Kaspersky Lab technical support site was hacked late last month, exposing private customer information for 11 days, the Moscow-based security company admitted last week. The company learned of and closed the breach on Feb. 7 after it was notified

Security Monitoring With Type80

With the widespread reliance on Information Technologies and in today’s computing environment, enterprise-wide monitoring of security events is very important and critical , not only for tracking malicious activity, but also to meet compliance requirements. It is essential to make

BackTrack 4 Beta released 2009

The Remote Exploit Development Team has just announced BackTrack 4 Beta and they consider the version to be stable and usable, there are a lot of new features including: * Kernel with better hardware support. *Native support for Pico

BackTrack 4 Beta – Shmoo release

Backtrack needs no introduction in the security and hacking world. It is an excellent bootable live-CD Linux distribution, with a huge collection of security and hacking tools. After seven months of effort here comes the Remote Exploit Dev team with