10 steps To Protect MS Based System This Summer

Protecting your systems against all manner of intrusions will provide more safety for your virtual life, by using complex passwords and a regular file check against changes, plus restricting anything and everything will keep these threats away.

We are now at the summer season and at this time we travel and move from one location to another, sometimes we need to use a shared computer or we use some shared network. Here you can find 10 steps that make you safe online:


1- Install a personal firewall on your local machine to monitor and block malicious network traffic.

2- Keep all your software up to date with latest patches. Make sure that you are getting windows update automatically.

3- Install antivirus program that will automatically scans your system and email attachment and make sure to keep the signatures up to date. (You can use free antiviruses like:  AVIRA, AVG and Security Essential).

4- Install the latest Internet explorer version or Mozilla firefox and Use reduced privilege browser options where possible.

5- Always use your computer with least privilege and never log on as an administrator especially when browsing the Internet.

6- Don’t perform sensitive online transactions like banking or PayPal from untrusted networks such as Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, airports, or cafes. If you need to try create a VPN over your home or office so all traffic will be encrypted.

7- Read e-mail in plaintext.

8- Don’t click links in e-mails from untrusted sources.

9- It is very easy for somebody who’s somewhat experienced, to hack into your laptop or computer if they have physical access. Keep your computing devices physically secure.

10- If you have time than you can use this post to create network-based firewall in addition to host-based, antivirus on mail servers.

So make sure to apply all these security rules for a safe 2011 summer.